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MOBITRAC is the go-to professional for your commercial harvesting needs for your lake or pond. With our expertise in outfitting lake associations, businesses, cities and homeowners, we have the experience and right information to help solve your problems in a timely and cost effective manner . Read the articles below for some valuable information.

The company’s origin dates back to 1985.

The MOBARN group has concentrated on and specialized themselves in the development and design of machines specifically designed for the cleaning and maintenance of waterways and associated areas. These include nature reserve water areas, swamps, wetlands, canals, fish ponds, golfcourses etc.

The group comprises three main activities that are intrinsically related:

  • Development
  • Advise in Manufacturing of specialized machinery
  • Services

Working closely with various waterdomes and having many years of experience in product development, have made it possible for Team MOBITRAC to advise in producing award-winning equipment with of first class quality delivering outstanding performances.