The company’s origins date back to 1985. Since that time the MOBARN group has concentrated on and specialised in the development and construction of machines specifically designed for the cleaning and maintenance of waterways and associated areas. These include nature reserve water areas, swamps, wetlands, canals, ponds etc.

The group comprises three main activities that are intrinsically related:

  • Development
  • Manufacturing of specialized machinery
  • Services

Working closely with various waterdomes and having many years of experience in manufacturing and product development, have made it possible for MOBARN to produce award-winning equipment with of first class quality delivering outstanding performances.

Turn Key Solutions

Standard or built to suit your needs!

In recent years a trend has MOBARN know access attempts to build. According to the wishes of the customer

  • custom built
  • Standard equipment
  • 3 diesel engines
  • One or two joysticks to control
  • Choice of type of chair
  • Lighting
  • horn
  • Higher hydraulic capacity


How does one with Mobitrac order!

  • Workout
  • Safety
  • Control of the machine
  • Maintenance

Our company in Weesp, Netherlands, has all the facilities in order to give your people the proper training and guidance; safety, operation and maintenance of the MOBITRAC.

This is to make sure that you can use. More fun and a longer time MOBITRAC


How can a MOBITRAC and equipment purchases? This is possible in various ways

  • With your own funds or
  • Using financiers

On request, we can possibly assist you in finding the right financial partner / bank to buy the machine for you


MOBARN has several rental options that could be discussed:

  • Rent includes machine operation
  • Rental unit without control 
 (in consultation, and depending on the type of work
  • Rent with the option to purchase the equipment in question, including